Webenefit is an investment project for recovery
human capital

We invest in human capital in local communities

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The planned amount of investmentfor the first quarter of 2023.

24 800 000 грн

What do we invest in?

Implementation of real projects

Creating new jobs

Recovery of the economy of Ukraine

Results of the research

In 2020, the Smart profession industry provided:
- 2 times more revenue than the gas transportation system
- 1.5 times more revenue than mechanical engineering
- About a quarter of the revenue of the agricultural sector

Research results of the IT Association of Ukraine


It is interesting that the results of some scientific studies indicate that human health depends only on the health care system for 8-10%, another 20% on environmental conditions, another 20% is determined by genetic factors, and another 50% a person's health depends on his lifestyle (rational regime of work and rest, hygiene, rational nutrition, absence of bad habits, normal body weight, stress prevention, hardening, etc.)

Results of foreign studies


The results of foreign studies indicate the growing importance of internal incentives (possibility of self-realization, satisfaction from success at work, etc.) compared to external incentives, especially for highly qualified personnel.

Results of foreign studies


Investments in human capital



Expenditure on education is the most obvious, the most common, and probably the most important type of investment in human capital. Education creates workers who become more qualified and productive.

Quick retraining with knowledge of English for Smart professions and entrepreneurial literacy.


Health care

Good health—the result of spending on disease prevention, medical care, dietary nutrition, and improving living conditions—extends life expectancy, increases work capacity and productivity.

Prevention and indicators of the health indexзники індексу здоров'я



The results of foreign studies show the growing importance of internal incentives (possibility of self-realization, satisfaction with success in work and studies, etc.) compared to external incentives, especially for highly qualified personnel.

Influence on internal incentives: design of workplaces, the possibility of professional development, participation and management in a real project proposed by the territorial community.


Напрямки інвестицій

Investors and mentors


Aram Sarkisian

Investor, mentor in startup projects, independent expert, practicing teacher, owner of a private elementary school, co-founder of the Basic computer training center.


Rovshen Joraev

Investor, entrepreneur, candidate of medical sciences. Teacher (tracker) in the educational platform Margulan.info


Victoria Kosyk

Director of the Educational Consulting Center, educational technologist.
Author of methods of using innovative teaching aids in education, trainer.


Ishcheryakov Serhiy

Head of the public organization "Public organization Fundatsiya Rozvytku Innovatsii". A Java trainer since 2009, he has trained more than 800 developers for IT companies, including more than 150 Oracle-certified programmers.


Natalia Kalinovska

The founder of the center of dietetics, a manufacturer of full-cycle eco-products.
Winner of the "Intellectual Entrepreneur" nomination in the "Entrepreneur of the Year" contest.

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Expected result

To form highly qualified, emotionally and physically healthy and motivated human capital in territorial communities in Smart professions with knowledge of the English language.

How to attract investment

  • First step

    Analysis of the investment attractiveness of the territorial community

  • The second step

    Approval of the pool of investors

  • The third step

    Investing in human capital

  • The fourth step

    Return on investment - ROY (Return on Investment)


A joint investment project with FARMAK in the city of Shostka

Interview with Daria Mykolaivna Grebenyuk, Head of the Economy Department of the Shostkin City Council

We are talking about cooperation with the WeBenefit project, the Farmak company, and the economic development of the community.

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    As part of this project, Startup hipua.today was launched (the project started during the war) and a powerful team of young specialists in smart professions (Java, C#, Python, Javascript developer) was formed.
    Today, the best graduates of this project teach technical English and programming in their local community, launch startups, despite their young age (high school students). Many of them were employed in various commercial projects.

    We form teams and select the best professionals. Believe me, there are Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg and Elon Musk in every territorial community. To find them, it is necessary to create conditions for their development.

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